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About Us

Vapor Cig® was formed in January of 2007 because we felt the need to put out a quality smoking device with quality e-liquid that could be offered to smokers who wished to “Make the Switch.” Since December of 2006, we started manufacturing our own e-liquid line starting out with just flavorless, then adding many new flavors and recipes throughout the years. We do not import our e-liquids from China or anywhere else. We make them right here in the USA in all nicotine strengths and VG/PG in over 250 flavors. The electronic cigarette industry has made leaps and bounds over the past 10 years. However, it has only been recently that technology has improved to the point where it could actually be beneficial in providing a smoking alternative to those who wish to make the switch from cancer-causing cigarettes to a better choice, namely, the electronic cigarette.

Our Owner's Story

I am a former smoker of more than 30 years. Quitting smoking has always been very hard for me. I have tried every method available to mankind. Sometimes I was successful, but it wasn't long before failure set in. This was so disheartening to me, to try so hard just to fail in the end—over and over again.

It got to the point that I had resigned myself to just take my chances with these "cancer sticks" and continue to smoke. However, in August of 2001, my father, a cigarette and pipe smoker for over 50 years, was diagnosed with lung cancer.

We were in shock when those words left the doctor's lips: "I have bad news. You have non-small cell carcinoma, which is lung cancer, and you are at end stage. You need to call hospice."

My dad's only words were, "Story of my life." I think he was trying to make light of the situation, just to spare my mom and me the pain he must have known we were feeling at that time.

My dad asked the doctor, "How long do I have?"

And the doctor said, "Three or four months if you do not undergo chemotherapy and radiation; however, in your case, I do not think these procedures would give you very much extra time since you are in the advanced stages. There are four stages, and you are at Stage 3B. I suggest you get your affairs in order."

We decided to aggressively fight the cancer by having my dad undergo chemotherapy and radiation. He had chemo 8 hours per day. Radiation made him weak. Chemo made him sick. He remained weak and sick until the end. Did we make the right or wrong decision?

On New Year's Eve, 4 months after the diagnosis, just like the doctor's prognosis, he passed away. His lungs were so scabbed over from the radiation that the scabs started to break open, and my father bled to death before our very eyes.

I am sharing my sad story with you because I want you to know that there is now an alternative to smoking with my vapor electronic-cigarette device. I love "smoking," or “vaping,” my Vapor Cig e-cigarettes, and I know you will too.

Discover the health and life-saving benefits of our electronic cigarette. Contact us at 951-686-2676 in Riverside, California, to order an e-cig today.